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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who Are Home Depot's Customers?

Home Depot has 3 groups of customers:
1. Do-It-Yourself customers
consists of homeowners and customers who buy their materials and complete their own projects

-customers can attend Home Depot's online or in store clinics to learn how to properly complete a project.

2. Do-It-For-Me Customers
consists of homeowners and customers who buy their materials but hire someone else to complete their project
-these customers can hire professionals from Home Depot to complete a variety of projects such as painting and carpet installations

3. Professional Customers
consists of professional remodelers, general contractors, repairmen, and tradesmen.
-Have Access to contractor service desks located in 1,900 stores that offer professional customers:
* A Bid Room- centralized team for evaluating and processing large, competitive quotes
- Home Depot associates provide quotes within a 24 hour period
*Tool Rental Center - known for it's "try before you buy" program, where you get to test out tools to see how they work before buying them
- find newest tools and equipment at lowest rental rates
- over 325 tools and equipment available
*Home Depot Buisness Toolbox
Offers small buisnesses and professional customers exclusive resources and significant savings
Here customers have access to:

*Health Insurance & benifits * Computers & Technologies *Dumpster Rental * Shipping
*Wireless telecommunications * Buisness accounting & software *Buisness Insurance * Buisness management tools *Office Supplies * Printing & Copying services *Payroll Processing * Logo Wear & Apparel *Credit card processing

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Kelly said...

Home Depot's informative clinics make it easy for anyone to learn how to complete a project. Within an hour and a half Home Depot's professionals go through the entire project step by step with hands- on demonstrations so that you fully understand how to go about your project.

Anthony said...

home depot is definetly a do it yourself store.